Wellness Self-Care for Mothers May is the month that celebrates and honors the sacrifices mothers make for their children. As a mother myself, I understand firsthand how important it is to take care of yourself to best care for your family. Here are some self-care ideas tailored for busy mothers like you: Schedule “Me Time”: Dedicate regular slots in […]
Wellness Embracing Autumn’s Bounty: A Culinary Journey Through Fall Dishes   As the vibrant foliage paints the world in hues of red, orange, and gold, autumn arrives with its distinct charm. There’s something magical about this season, a time when the air turns crisp, and nature’s bounty is on full display. Fall brings with it a cornucopia of flavors and ingredients that inspire comforting and […]
Wellness Preparing Your Home for Fall   As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisper, it’s time to embrace the warm and inviting atmosphere of fall. Preparing your home for the season ahead not only adds a touch of coziness but also helps create a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are some simple yet effective tips to […]
Wellness 5 Ways to Volunteer in Your Community It feels good to give back! When we take the time to slow down and help others, our actions can have a lasting impact that could make all the difference in somebody else’s world. Volunteering can be an incredible opportunity to explore a cause that you’re passionate about while helping somebody else out along the […]
Wellness 20 Unique Home Gifts for Every Person on Your List 20 Unique Home Gifts for Every Person on Your List   Every year, it seems the holidays sneak up on us—and every year, that brings with it the dreaded last-minute gift panic. Finding a present that hits all the right notes can be surprisingly stressful, even when it comes to people you’ve known for years. […]
Wellness What to Do About Fatigue What to Do About Fatigue Some reasons for fatigue include: Lack of sleep – Most adults require at least eight hours of sleep per night. Anemia – Talk to your doctor about altering your diet or vitamin/mineral supplements. Stress/anxiety – Constant circulation of the stress hormone cortisol through your system zaps your energy. Infections – Flu, Lyme disease, glandular […]
Wellness Outline Your Fitness Plan Outline Your Fitness Plan Many people treat their health like a bingo game—if they hit the numbers, fine. If not, well, that’s the breaks. But you have control over your fitness, and you must outline a program in order to gain maximum benefits. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports website points to lifelong […]
Wellness Alleviate Stress Alleviate Stress List the things that cause you stress. Change the way you think about these stressors by putting a positive spin on them. Practice being optimistic. Reframe things in the context of a larger positive plan. Recognize that troubles are temporary. Don’t blame yourself needlessly. Put things into perspective. Let go of what you […]
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